PEG Team

Our team has a single minded purpose to always deliver our best to our clients and our communities

PEG has a dynamic and highly experienced team of engineers such as certified specialists in the field of photovoltaic, construction and architecture as well as technology experts, business managers, and experts in the fields of finance and marketing – all working towards a common goal: increasing the global presence of photovoltaic and sustainable solutions.  

Working with the PEG team you cannot help but notice our passion and commitment to be leaders in the sustainable environment. With several years of trusted, long-term relationships and partnerships with vendors, local expertise, and project financing groups; we create sound opportunities allowing us to deliver the best value on every project… every time!  The PEG team lives by a few codes of ethics…

• Display honesty, integrity, credibility and transparency.
• Provide the highest quality work with strong attention to detail.            
• Trust each other, our customers and our strategic partners.
• Work hard to meet or exceed our customers' expectations.
• Be proactive, persistent, entrepreneurial and innovative.
• Communicate information, good and bad, both clearly and timely.
• Deliver optimal value - understanding our customers' needs.