Why Solar Energy

Your competition is going solar.... Can you afford not to?

Simply based on principle, there are many advantages of solar energy. Solar power is a renewable energy that allows reducing the dependency on fossil fuel combustible sources, and nuclear and thermal energies, with an added benefit to the environment by reducing green house gases emitting into our environment. Aside from being clean energy, solar is also an endless energy source, as opposed to energy produced with oil and coal.

Fossil fuels have an expiration date as a source of energy since they are consumed faster than they are generated by natural processes. Solar Energy is inexhaustible, clean, green, convenient, subsidized, quiet, and free of charge once the initial investment for installation is paid off. One is able to hedge against the future utility rate increases while investing in a micro-utility which projects paybacks in a few short years. Oil is finite and is necessary to import, depending on the will and prices imposed by countries that are often politically unstable. Nuclear power depends upon the use of uranium, which is also finite, and also generates a highly dangerous waste that lasts 5000 years.

It is true that its current production is still slightly more expensive than production using traditional fuels, but is expected parity, i.e. the equivalence of production costs, by year 2015. For now the federal and local subsidies are still needed to ensure profitability. With technology at favorable pricing along with innovative financing solutions for projects coupled with all the incentives available, photovoltaic has begun its launch as an unstoppable producer of clean electricity in large quantities.Many years of PEG's experience in installing solar power systems guarantees a reliable and right answer for each individual project, with very low maintenance.