Solar Farms

Profit from sustainable stewardship

Owners of large vacant land parcels who have not been able to develop real estate due to the recent downturn in the markets, farm owners, landfill owners, and others have looked at utilizing their property to “farming” solar energy. If you fit one of these descriptions, Precise Energy Group will work with you to evaluate if your land is suitable for an installation of a solar energy system. We will evaluate the economics and a payback for either a lease or land purchase option helping you capitalize on an otherwise non revenue producing real estate.

Electricity generated at large solar farms is generally sold back to the utility company and involves more complex negotiations and permitting, as well as a longer time line. Many factors go into determining whether the terrain is appropriate for a solar farm, and not all available land may qualify.  Land condition, slope, proximity to high transmission power lines, local transmission capacity, environmental impact, and local authority approval are amongst the many factors that are analyzed.  PEG’s construction crew and PV engineers will take the responsibility to conduct all the preliminary studies before proposing the right sustainable solution.

With several incentives available for such solar projects, your real estate may just be the right one, yet the only way to get the answer is to speak with one of our solar energy experts and get a free site evaluation.