Your competition is gaining the solar energy edge… Can you afford to miss it?

Precise Energy Group offers mid-size to large commercial customers the unique opportunity to capitalize on their non-revenue generating real estate, such as a large rooftop, open land area or parking facilities with a commercial solar energy system.   The solar system will help you manage your electricity costs with predictable pricing for the long term.  With several options we will model a financing package to maximize your returns, whether it is a Capital Purchase, a Solar Lease Program or a Solar Power Purchase Agreement.

PEG also carries decades of roof expertise to suggest the right roof membrane solution prior to installation of the solar energy system.  The cost of a new roof membrane installation can be designed and engineered together into the solar project economics. The new roof membrane installation is coordinated by PEG to work in unison with our solar system installation team to deliver a complete one source roof and solar energy solution.

Recent tax and grant law changes allow qualified new roof installations in preparation for solar energy system installation to receive cash grants and/or tax credit benefits.  These incentives make your investment into your rooftop, along with the solar energy system, a true long term asset that increases the real estate value of your property.

As a commercial solar power customer, you reap several benefits, such as:
•    Immediate energy savings.
•    Increased freedom from volatile fuel and utility rates.
•    Long-term predictably priced rates equal to or lower than retail energy rates.
•    Maximized use of solar investment grants, credits and other solar incentives.
•    Build corporate PR with “Green” bragging rights.