We carefully balance all the moving parts of bringing your solar project into fruition.

The development, engineering, procurement, permitting, installation, and maintenance of a solar energy system require experience in the various facets to bring it into fruition from concept to completion. The client can be involved in the entire process as much as they would prefer, by easily monitoring and accessing their information and milestone progress online through a specially assigned secured project document access login and/or bi-monthly project status update meetings. The PEG team carefully balances the several aspects of process, many of which may run concurrently, to deliver a system with optimum efficiency and maximum profitability.  A typical 1 MW commercial installation may take anywhere between 9 to 15 months to complete from the time of initial meeting. The key milestones in the entire process are:

•    Site Evaluation:  The site is surveyed to determine current roof membrane conditions, roof incline, orientation, shading, power distribution, electric switch board and other electrical conditions.
•    Financial Analysis:  A detailed economic analysis is performed reflecting all incentives, rebates and grants, electricity savings, and the return on investment over the life of the system.  Appropriate client-suited financing options for the project are considered.
•    Engineering Review:  Full structural and wind analysis are completed, and professional AutoCAD drawings illustrating system layout, technology selection, and electrical three line diagrams providing string and wire sizing, and inverter and interconnection specifications are prepared.
•    Permit & Rebate Processing:  Documentation is carefully prepared to be filed with the appropriate authority, which includes but is not limited to, federal, state and utility rebates, grants, credits, interconnection agreements, net-metering, local and municipal permits, and SREC filing.
•    System Installation:  The roof or ground is first prepared to secure a good foundation for the solar system. Mounting, solar panels, wiring, inverters and other components are carefully assembled according to approved engineering documents.  The system is tied to the site meters and then tied to the utility grid.  We coordinate the inspections and final approvals with the utility and the building authorities to bring the system live.
•    Service & On-going Maintenance:  Under a separate operating & maintenance agreement we monitor and maintain the electrical output and performance.  

PEG’s ability to deliver on multi-million dollar performance bonding requirements on large solar installations satisfies such mandates by the solar project investors.