Turn your non-revenue producing roof tops & vacant land into long term solar energy assets.

Every new vision is inevitably linked with financing. Therefore, we make certain that during the development and implementation of your project, your solar power plant has a sound financial basis. Our detailed knowledge of a wide range of solar power plant sizes and types of business partner ensures we have the experience needed to make your vision financially viable. Since working on a large scale solar project requires good collaboration and teamwork, we would much prefer to be called your commercial partner and help you achieve your sustainable goals.

Key features of project planning are the layout and calculations for the solar project, precise execution, and project economics & cash flows for the owners of the Photovoltaic system. The investment, finance, and cost plan is drawn up jointly with the customer. The profitability calculation, which incorporates a yield simulation, gives the customer a solid base upon which to reach decisions. Various options for financing a project are available and our team will be able to prepare one that fits your economic portfolio and corporate mandate, such as a Capital Purchase, Lease, or a Power Purchase Agreement.  Some solar installations have an investment payback of less than 5 years.

PEG will assist, if needed, in arranging for Debt or Equity Financing in the project as well. Solar Power Purchase Agreement models have complex requirements therefore making it accessible to only a select few.  PEG will work with you to see which financial option is most suitable.  PEG has strategic teaming agreements with key players in the solar arena and is currently in JV agreements to develop large utility scale solar projects.