Our Expertise

Being technology agnostic allows us to always deliver the best solar solution for your needs.

At Precise Energy Group we have a holistic approach to a proposed sustainable site, enabling us to deliver innovative solutions with proven profitable financial returns.  We are technology agnostic and therefore select the panels, inverters, racking and technology that deliver an optimum and reliable energy production with the best financial benefits for the client.

Our team at PEG carries the diverse expertise on the various facets of bringing a solar energy project to fruition, which is essential for the client to have a one point of contact for the entire project. The PEG team has been involved in either some, or all phases of having designed, engineered, financed and delivered several MW of sustainable installations in the USA, Europe and India with projects ranging from 9KW to 16MW Solar Farm projects.
PEG works with our national and global strategic partners, which have the financial background & technical knowledge to guarantee the long term viability of all sustainable projects.