About Us

The core of our success is our passionate and highly effective team!

Precise Energy Group specializes in the design, engineering, procurement, finance, construction and management of site specific, tailored solar energy solutions.  Solar systems are designed for installations on roof-tops, ground mounted on large open land, and specially designed solar canopies for parking lots. We help forward thinking organizations take advantage of federal, state and utility rebates, incentives and grants, and various financing options. Photovoltaic installation is a smart decision when the various incentives, rebates and grants are considered.

Our work is guaranteed by a team of professionals with years of experience in this field. With the sun as a limitless source of energy, we have set ourselves the objective to significantly increase the presence of photovoltaic as a source of energy, helping mid to large commercial, private and public entities manage rising energy costs.   This will enable us to set the course for securing power supply in the future – enabling sustainable growth through generations.

We are prepared for the future:  with innovative technology, individual solar energy solutions, high product quality, and first class service. Our commitment to excellence, and passion for always delivering the best value, together with respect for everyone involved with PEG, is quickly making us a sought after name in the sustainable world